I'm sure you've heard a lot about the incense called "Moldavite". You must be wondering what it can be used for, what it does, and what it means spiritually. Read our article below to better understand it and how to use it for your spiritual rituals.

1. What is Moldavite Incense? 

About 15 million years ago, a giant meteorite fell on the land that is now part of Moldavia (Moldova). Under the influence of the high temperature emitted by the conversion of kinetic energy into heat, the falling lava melted and spewed into the air. Today, fragments of cooled molten siliceous lava formed by the impact of meteorites on the hard surface of the Earth are known as moldavite.

Moldavite incense is also named after this particular meteorite. This incense is made from ingredients such as herbs, flowers, wood gums, essential oils, sandalwood powder, honey, and resin. Of course, it's not made of Moldavite. This incense smells like a bonfire, floral musk scent. The smell is relaxing, it's soft and not overpowering, it was amazing if you do meditation with a moldavite stone.

moldavite incense meaning

moldavite incense meaning

2. The Meaning of Moldavite Incense

2.1 Burn to help speed up rituals and spells

"This is a life-changing galactic stone that came here 15 million years ago. When this stone of Moldavite comes into your energy, it clears out everything, that not means to be there some people call it very chaotic energy. Similarly, burning Moldavite incense will help you get the energy you need for your rituals, and make them happen quickly" Oberon Zell says. 

2.2 Move stagnant energy and clear negative energy

If you're not Indigenous, don't use sage for smudging. Grab this incense instead - lots of folks use it to clear away negative vibes. All you need to do is light a single incense, and its smoke will take away all the bad energy in your house.

2.3 Enhance crystal properties and give them cleansing

Crystals have been popular for centuries for medicinal and spiritual practices,  but like all things, they can also absorb negative energy. This incense is also a powerful tool for cleansing and purifying crystals. Smudging a crystal with Moldavite incense smoke clears all the yucky energy out of it, so it's pure and ready for use. If you rely on crystals for manifestation, don't forget to cleanse them every so often to get rid of any negative energy and get them back to high vibration.

How to cleanse your crystals using Moldavite incense? Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions:

@naturascentsdotnet Enhance the properties of crystals and purify them with Moldavite incense #Moldavite #purify #naturalscents ♬ nhạc nền - Naturascentsdotnet

2.4 Connect with extraterrestrials and spirit guides

Every lit incense stick expresses a wish to be heard by the universe. Many people presume that the drifting smoke of incense is a means of conveying messages to extraterrestrials. This incense is said to be related to Moldavite crystals, which do not belong to Earth but come from another planet. Consequently, it will enable you to connect and acquire the appropriate spiritual direction.

2.5 Cleansing the Moldavite Jewelry 

Jewelry after wearing it for a while will absorb a lot of bad energy inside and they need to be cleaned and charged. There are many ways to cleanse Moldavite jewelry before wearing it, such as: using palo santo, fire, moon water, incense, and quartz. Moldavite incense is often used to clean jewelry made from Moldavite stone. Cleanse with Moldavite incense is the simplest and fastest way that you should try.

2.6 Charging clear quartz

Utilizing, wearing, carrying, or meditating with a clear quartz crystal is said to open the mind and heart to higher guidance, enabling the realm of spirit to be transmitted and converted into the material world.

But did you know that quartz also needs to be charged?  It's recommended to clean your quartz in a moldavite incense, it will help your quartz be charged and ready for you to set your intentions. 

2.7 It has a wonderful effect on the heart chakra

The heart chakra is located in the middle of our chest and it controls how we bond with ourselves and others. The Moldavite incense sticks contain important ingredients that influence our heart chakra and our emotional experiences. This incense shakes any blockages out from the heart chakra and encourages uplifting healing.

HEM Moldavite 120 Incense Sticks (6 x 20 stick packs) by Hem

HEM Moldavite 120 Incense Sticks (6 x 20 stick packs) by Hem

  • This incense is 100% natural and plant-based, with no artificial ingredients or toxic substances.
  • Made in India and handcrafted to perfection by artisans according to traditional recipes.
  • Experience a wonderful aroma when you meditate with a Modalvite stone.
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According to Oberon Zell, “If you're using Moldavite incense for some spiritual purpose, it is essential to ensure the intentions are genuine and come from the heart. If you have a Moldavite stone, utilizing it through meditation and burning a Moldavite incense stick will aid you in connecting to the metaphysical realm, bringing forth all your aspirations and wishes to the universe”.

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