7 BEST Incense for LOVE and ROMANCE - Ultimate Guide to Aroma Therapy

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By Mia Tran Updated on 16 Jun 2023

If you're looking to attract love into your life, or just want a little extra boost of passion in your relationship, then using incense can be a great way to do it. Incense has been used for centuries for various purposes, including increasing love, romance, and attraction. There are many different types of incense available, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about how incense can help increase love and attraction in your life!

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#1. Lavender

The sweet aroma of lavender is said to bring a sense of calm, comfort, and relaxation. The scent of them is linked to increased serotonin levels which boosts positive emotions such as contentment, joy, and love. This helps to set the mood for an intimate evening between two people. Besides, studies have found that lavender incense can also increase feelings of attachment and closeness in relationships.

Burning lavender incense allows you to fill your home with an inviting atmosphere that will make it easier for you both to express your emotions without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Its calming aroma helps to relax both body and mind so that couples can enjoy an evening of comfortable conversation in pleasant surroundings. And by setting the mood with soothing scents, you can create the perfect atmosphere for love and romance!

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Morning Star Nippon Kodo Incense, Lavender, 0.32 Pound

Morning Star Nippon Kodo Incense, Lavender, 0.32 Pound


  • Made with premium ingredients to ensure a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.
  • Contains natural lavender scent to help create a calming atmosphere.
  • Easy to use and provides up to 30 minutes of burning time per stick.

#2. Rose

The scent of rose is believed to have strong aphrodisiac qualities and it can be used as a means to create an atmosphere of intimacy between two people. Burning this type of incense releases essential oils into the air, which creates a calming and soothing environment that encourages relaxation and peace. In addition, these same essential oils are thought to help stimulate passion and bring out the romantic side in all who experience it.

To make your space smell like roses, you can burn rose-scented incense sticks or candles. This will fill your home with a pleasant aroma that will quickly set the mood for romance in no time at all. You can also diffuse some essential oils of rose in the air by using an aromatherapy diffuser. This will help to create a romantic atmosphere as well as have health and therapeutic benefits associated with the scent of roses.

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HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks

HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks (Pack of 6 -120 count, 301g) | Natural Fragrance For Aromatic Environment | Incense For Stress Relief, Relaxation and Air Purifier


  • Natural fragrance to create an aromatic environment.
  • Effective stress relief, relaxation and air purification.
  • Pack of 6 with 120 sticks per pack (301g).

#3. Jasmine

Jasmine incense is a great way to enhance love and romance. Not only does it smell wonderful, but the scent itself has been said to evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and even passion. It can add an extra touch of intimacy to any situation. The aroma of jasmine has a calming effect on the mind and body, creating an atmosphere that encourages openness and trust between two people.

One way to use jasmine incense for love and romance is by burning it while setting up for a romantic evening or date night in your home - this could be in your bedroom or living room. During the time you spend together in this special atmosphere created by incense, let your creativity take over!

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Morning Star Jasmin 200 Sticks

Morning Star Jasmin 200 Sticks


  • 200 sticks of premium-grade Jasmin incense made with natural essential oils and plant extracts.
  • Uniquely designed for an intense and aromatic experience.
  • Ideal for aromatherapy, meditation, yoga or simply to enjoy a pleasant fragrance in the home.

#4. Vanilla

There are several scientific explanations for why vanilla might be effective in attracting love and improving relationships. One theory is that the scent of vanilla can help to trigger the release of oxytocin, the so-called "love hormone" that is associated with bonding, attachment, and intimacy.

Another possibility is that vanilla simply makes people feel good, which can lead to positive associations being formed between the scent and the experiences of love and intimacy.

Whether or not vanilla incense actually works as an aphrodisiac or love charm is still up for debate. However, there is no harm in trying it out for yourself to see if you notice any benefits. If you do decide to give it a try, be sure to purchase high-quality incense made with pure essential oils and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use.

TRILOKA Incense Vanilla Breeze, 10 CT

TRILOKA Incense Vanilla Breeze, 10 CT


  • Made with all-natural ingredients, providing a soothing and calming aroma.
  • 10 Incense sticks in each package for lasting enjoyment.
  • Lightly scented fragrance of Vanilla Breeze to uplift your senses and soothe the atmosphere around you.

#5. Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang incense is one of the most romantic scents out there and can be used to spice up any date night with your special someone. It works by calming and soothing the mind and body, while also instilling a sense of passion and excitement. The scent helps to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase feelings of love and joy in those around it.

It's easy to incorporate ylang-ylang into your romantic night with your partner - use it as part of aromatherapy or light some up when you want a little extra sizzle during date night! You can even use it in combination with other essential oils such as jasmine or sandalwood to create an even more intense romance-inducing atmosphere. Another great way to make use of ylang-ylang's unique scent is in the form of incense sticks or cones, placed around the room where you and your partner are spending time together. Burning this type of incense will help fill the air with a seductive aroma that will linger long after you've gone to bed.

Bless-YLANG-YLANG-Incense-Sticks 100%-Natural-Handmade

Bless-YLANG-YLANG-Incense-Sticks 100%-Natural-Handmade-Hand-Dipped-Incense-Sticks Organic-Chemicals-Free


  • 100% Natural and Handmade.
  • Organic Chemicals Free.
  • Best Woods Scent.

#6. Ginger root

Ginger root is an excellent natural incense for love and attraction. Its strong, spicy scent can help to stimulate the senses and create a feeling of passion. When used in combination with other romantic scents, such as jasmine or rose, it can be even more effective.

There are many scientific explanations for why ginger root works so well as an aphrodisiac. For one, it contains a high concentration of pheromones, which are chemicals that are known to affect sexual desire and behavior. It also contains many essential oils that can help to increase circulation and promote relaxation. Additionally, ginger is a warming herb that can help to increase energy levels and create a sense of excitement.

nippon kodo KAYURAGI - Ginger 40 Sticks, Japanese Quality Incense

nippon kodo KAYURAGI - Ginger 40 Sticks, Japanese Quality Incense


  • Presented in a luxurious wooden box, this incense from Nippon Kodo is of the highest quality and features 40 sticks of Kayuragi Ginger fragrance.
  • The elegant scent of ginger will fill your home with soothing aromas to create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation.
  • This incense has been crafted using traditional Japanese methods for a long-lasting experience that will linger on for hours after burning.

#7. Clove

Known for its aphrodisiac properties, the aroma of clove has been used by people all over the world to bring about a feeling of closeness and warmth. This smell can activate the brain’s pleasure centers, releasing endorphins that aid in creating feelings of euphoria and arousal. Additionally, it is believed that clove triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with trust and bonding.

To use clove incense, light it just before engaging in physical or intimate activities. This will help create a cozy atmosphere where both partners will feel at ease and open to sharing their emotions.

Another way to use clove incense for promoting love and intimacy is by adding a few drops of essential oils to the burning embers. This will create a stronger scent that will linger longer and provide further relaxation benefits. Additionally, using aromatic candles or diffusers with clove oil can also give the same effect.

Clove - Box of Six 20 Stick Hex Tubes - HEM Incense Hand Rolled In India

Clove - Box of Six 20 Stick Hex Tubes - HEM Incense Hand Rolled In India


  • Handcrafted in India: The Clove - Box of Six 20 Stick Hex Tubes are hand-rolled in India for authenticity and quality.
  • Natural Ingredients: These incense sticks contain only natural ingredients, making them safe to use without any issues.
  • Long Burning Time: Each stick can burn up to 30 minutes, allowing you to enjoy it’s benefits for extended periods of time.

Some notes on using incense for love and attraction

To ensure the most effective use of incense for the purpose of attracting love and romance, in addition to choosing one of the seven types of incense above, note the following points:

  • You can combine several types of incense and essential oils to improve the effect. Popular recipes include ginger, clove, and vanilla, or lavender with ginger.
  • It is recommended to use one incense stick with not only small and medium spaces, or three incense sticks with an open, large space. This helps to create a scent that is just right; not overwhelming, and a bit spiritual. Check out the meaningful article on how many incense sticks to burn for more information.
  • In the process of using incense, it is necessary to follow safety rules to avoid possible unfortunate occurrences.
  • If you or your loved one has any of the signs of an allergic reaction to the burning incense, extinguish it and move to a more ventilated area.


Though the jury is still out on whether or not incense can truly bring love and attraction into your life, it’s certainly worth a try.

There are many types of incense that can be used for love and attraction. The best way to find the right one for you is to experiment and see what works best for you. There are many factors that can influence the effectiveness of incense, so it is important to find one that suits your specific needs. Try different types of incense and see what brings you the most success in your quest for love and attraction.

Let us know in the comments how this worked for you – we’d love to hear about your success stories!

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