The Best Incense To Open Up Your Heart Chakra (Anahata)- Lavender, Frankincense & Rose

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By Mia Tran Updated on 28 Apr 2023

Using incense for energy balancing is an ancient ritual and can be a powerful tool on your healing journey. If you are looking to open, activate and clear your heart chakra then burning incense could be just the thing for you! Incense has many beneficial effects from calming the mind, opening intuitive insights, and providing solace in times of emotional distress. In this blog post, we will explore how to choose the best type of incense for working with the heart chakra, tips on creating a sacred space to practice this ritual, plus ideas on which herbs or essential oils might support energetic balance between the physical body and spiritual realm. Read on if you’re ready to embark upon deepening your self-care practice or simply see what energies aromas as an aid have to offer!

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We have researched the different types of ingredients used in each product and examined their quality, brand, cost, and overall value. Through this process, we have come up with a selection of incense that will bring balance to your heart chakra while giving you the best bang for your buck. We are confident that after taking all these factors into consideration, our selection will provide you with the highest possible quality and value for your money.

Firstly: Brand & Quality

We have chosen perennial brands, top-rated brands with extensive purchases and excellent reviews ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars on e-commerce platforms. After researching hundreds of brands, we have identified the top brands of best incense for the heart chakra, including Aromafume, Hem, Satya, Golden, Govinda, and Natural Choice. 

Secondly: Ingredients

All the products in our selection have been independently tested for potency and purity, making sure they contain only natural ingredients and are certified safe for people with no banned substances found in them. 

Thirdly: Price

We took price into consideration as well, offering an array of options for various budgets. 

Fourth: Customer reviews

During our research of the best incense for the heart chakra, we found 120 products and shortlisted 6 of them as being of quality. Using our big data system, we collected and analyzed 5450 customer reviews to create a list of the best incense for the heart chakra. 

We discovered that most customers opt for incense for heart chakra with an average price of $11, and their favorite scent is rose.

Why is incense important for balancing energy in the Heart Chakra?

Incense is important for balancing energy in the heart Chakra because its scents are believed to be able to help open, cleanse, and balance the chakra. The sweet aroma of incense can act as a catalyst for relaxation, allowing one to focus and attune with their inner self. The fragrant smoke released from the incense is believed to carry away negative energies from not just the heart chakra, but our entire bodies as well. This calming effect helps open up stagnant energies that may have built up in the heart center, helping bring about peace within oneself.

What incense is beneficial for balancing the Heart Chakra?

Rose, Lavender, Jasmine Rose, Frankincense, and Myrrh are all excellent choices for balancing the Heart Chakra. These fragrances are deeply connected to the spiritual nature of this chakra and can help open it up to healing energy. Rose is said to help bring love into one’s life while lavender relaxes both the mind and body. Jasmine Rose is calming yet invigorating at the same time, allowing for a balanced state of being. Frankincense and Myrrh are symbolic of spirituality; their aroma helps raise vibrations and connect with higher realms. All these incense can be mixed together or burned individually depending on your preference! So if you're looking for something that will help balance your heart chakra, these are the ideal choices. 

Here are the 6 best incense for the heart chakra.

#1 Best scent for heart chakra: Red Rose Incense - HEM

  • Brand: HEM
  • Origin: India
  • Material: bamboo, essential oils, resin, herb, wood
  • Scent: Rose
  • Weight: 120 sticks
  • Burning time: 40-45 mins
HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks (Pack of 6 -120 count, 301g)

HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks (Pack of 6 -120 count, 301g) | Natural Fragrance For Aromatic Environment | Incense For Stress Relief, Relaxation and Air Purifier


  • Hand rolled in India.
  • These incense sticks come in packs of 6 for an affordable price point.
  • All-natural ingredients.
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Rose incense is often used to help open the heart chakra, especially in practices such as yoga or meditation. The sweet scent of roses helps to promote relaxation and serenity, allowing practitioners to enter a peaceful state that can be beneficial for opening their hearts spiritually.

The HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks are an excellent choice. Long-lasting scent and powerful, as if you are surrounded by roses - that is what one can experience with just a single burn of this product. The incense sticks burn for about an hour each and produce a full-bodied smell that lasts long after their burning time has expired. Each stick burns slowly and evenly, ensuring that you don't have to worry about them burning out too quickly or leaving behind residue or ash.

The HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks are also very affordable and come in packs of six, twelve, or twenty-five sticks. This allows you to save money if you want to buy a larger quantity for special occasions or events.


  • Incense burns slowly.
  • Pleasant aroma not as strong of a scent compared to other incense sticks, and high-quality fragrance.
  • No woody smell during the burn.


  • Fragrance may be too light for some users.

#2 Best bruning time:Govinda lavender

  • Brand: Govinda
  • Origin: India
  • Material: Lavender wood, bamboo, masala powder.
  • Scent: Lavender
  • Weight: 120 Sticks
  • Burning time: 35 mins
Govinda Incense - Lavender - 120 Incense Sticks, Premium Incense, Masala Coated

Govinda Incense - Lavender - 120 Incense Sticks, Premium Incense, Masala Coated


  • Masala coated incense sticks last longer, produce less smoke, and have an even burn.
  • Lavender aroma is calming and relaxing.
  • Made with high quality ingredients for a long lasting scent.
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Govinda Lavender Incense is crafted from natural oils and masala coated for maximum scent delivery. The high-quality masala coating ensures that the incense sticks burn slowly and evenly. Each stick burns for about 30 minutes. The packaging itself is attractive, making it a great gift or decorative item. The 120 incense sticks come in one convenient package so you can easily stock up on this delightful product without having to buy separate packs each time.


  • Handcrafted with natural ingredients to create a soothing lavender aroma.


  • May cause allergies or respiratory issues in individuals sensitive to smoke or fragrance oils.

#3 Best ingredient: Satya Dragon's Blood

  • Brand: Satya Sai Baba
  • Origin: India
  • Material: natural herbs, flowers, and resins
  • Scent: lavender
  • Weight: 15 gms each
  • Burning time: 40mins
Satya Dragons's Blood Agarbatti Pack of 3 Incense Sticks Boxes

Satya Dragons's Blood Agarbatti Pack of 3 Incense Sticks Boxes, 15 gms Each, Traditionally Handrolled in India Best Aeromatic Natural Fragrance Perfect for Prayer Relaxation Peace Meditation Healing


  • Has therapeutic benefits with its calming aroma.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable materials used in the manufacturing process.
  • Pocket friendly price tag.
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The scent produced by this agarbatti lasts for several hours, leaving your home or office smelling inviting. This product is perfect for those who love strong and sweet fragrances. The package of incense includes 12-14 sticks, giving users the opportunity to enjoy the product for several days. These sticks are very affordable in comparison to other similar products on the market.


  • Long-lasting fragrance that lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients like sandalwood, honey, and other essential oils for a pleasant scent.


  • The only disadvantage of this product that I have come across is its difficulty in burning, as it seems to be somewhat damp.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer more subtle scents.

#4 Best scent longest: Golden-Chakra-Incense

  • Brand: Golden Chakra
  • Origin: India
  • Manufacturer: Monk and Muse
  • Material: natural herbs, flowers, and resins
  • Scent: rose
  • Weight: 18-20 sticks
  • Burning time: 45mins
Golden Chakra Incense - Heart Chakra Yoga, Healing Plus Bonus Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Golden Chakra Incense - Heart Chakra | All Natural | Organic | Hand Rolled in India | for Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Healing Plus Bonus Chakra Cleansing Meditation


  • Helps to open and balance the Heart Chakra.
  • Made from natural ingredients and is free of artificial fragrances.
  • Comes in an easy to use stick form with a convenient holder.
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*N-S Score?

Golden Chakra Incense is a great choice for those who are looking to balance their chakras and bring more harmony into their lives. This incense is made with natural ingredients, such as resin, rosemary, and lavender, which combine to create an aromatic blend that helps to open the heart chakra. 

The scent is incredibly strong and rich, filling the room quickly with a beautiful aroma. It burns for a long time too and doesn't leave any smoke residue afterward – I was really impressed by that! Plus, the packaging is incredibly luxurious. Inside the box, you will find 20 sticks of incense, each one wrapped in its own special paper - great presentation!


  • Long burning time so that the scent can last for hours. 
  • A soothing aroma that helps to foster peace, love, and understanding.


  • Can be quite intense if used in enclosed spaces

#5:Best less smoke: Natural Choice Chakra Incense Jasmine & Rose - Heart Chakra

  • Brand: Natural Choice Incense
  • Origin: India
  • Manufacturer: World's Best Stuff
  • Material: Natural coconut charcoal, spices, fragrant woods, aromatic oils, tree saps
  • Scent: Jasmine Rose
  • Weight: 80 sticks per box
  • Burning time: 20mins
Natural Choice Chakra Incense Jasmine & Rose - Heart Chakra/Anahta Chakra 80 Incense Sticks

Natural Choice Chakra Incense Jasmine & Rose - Heart Chakra/Anahta Chakra 80 Incense Sticks


  • Made with 100% natural plant based ingredients.
  • Low smoke output for a pleasant aroma and minimal air pollution.
  • It's perfect for healing your heart chakra.
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*N-S Score?

This 100% natural, plant-based incense offers a delightful blend of sweet jasmine and calming rose fragrances. Each box contains 80 sticks that burn cleanly with low smoke, leaving behind the aroma of your chosen fragrance. The scents are designed to provide an atmosphere that is calming and uplifting for both body and spirit. Plus, Natural Choice Chakra Incense comes with a 100% Satisfaction lifetime money-back guarantee so you can be sure you’ll love it!


  • Contains 80 sticks per box, enough to last for many days of use. 
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction lifetime money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind when making this purchase!


  • Burns fast, with a duration of only 20 minutes.
  • Not suitable for long-term meditative sessions or rituals.

#6 Best Sellers: Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh 100%-Natural

  • Brand: Bless International
  • Origin: India
  • Manufacturer: Bless International
  • Material: Essential Oils, bamboo sticks, wood powder, Laham bark extract(Jiggit), Guar gum, coconut oil.
  • Scent: Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Weight: 150 grams - 100 sticks per box
  • Burning time: 40-50 mins
Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh 100%-Natural-Handmade-Hand-Dipped-Incense-Sticks

Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh 100%-Natural-Handmade-Hand-Dipped-Incense-Sticks Organic-Chemicals-Free for-Purification-Relaxation-Positivity-Yoga-Meditation The-Best-Woods-Scent (100 Sticks (150GM))


  • Long burning time.
  • Soothing aroma that can help promote relaxation and mental clarity.
  • Excellent for use in balancing heart chakra.
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*N-S Score?

The incense sticks from this brand are incredibly long-lasting, even though they come in a smaller size than other brands I've tried prior. Despite their diminutive size, these sticks still manage to burn slowly and last for an impressive period of time. Even with the container closed, the beautiful scent is still able to successfully fill the surrounding area, allowing for respiratory health and relaxation benefits. It's a combination of frankincense and myrrh which creates a really unique smell that is sweet and rich at the same time. If you're looking to balance your heart chakra, I highly recommend this incense; you won't be disappointed!


  • 100% natural and organic ingredients – no synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or dyes. 
  • Contains the three most renowned essential oils – Frankincense, Myrrh, and Lavender. 


  • Not suitable for those with sensitive skin due to its essential oil base. 

A quick comparison of the best incense for the heart chakra

# Origin Ingredient Scent Weight Brunning time Price
HEM Red Rose Incense India Bamboo, essential oils, resin, herb, wood Rose 120 grams 120 sticks. 40-45 mins Check price on Amazon
Govinda Lavender India Lavender Wood Bamboo, masala powder. Lavender 120 sticks 35-40 mins Check price on Amazon
Satya Dragon's Blood India Lavender Wood, 90% natural oil Lavender Pack of 3 Boxes, 15 gms Each,(10-12 sticks each ) 40 mins Check price on Amazon
Golden Chakra India Natural herbs, flowers and resins Rose 18 sticks 45 mins Check price on Amazon
Natural Choice Incense India Natural coconut charcoal, spices, fragrant woods, aromatic oils, tree saps Jasmine Rose 75-80 sticks per box 20 mins Check price on Amazon
Bless-Frankincense-and-Myrrh India Essential Oils, bamboo sticks, wood powder, Laham bark extract(Jiggit), Guar gum, coconut oil Frankincense & Myrrh 150 grams - 100 sticks per box 45-50 mins Check price on Amazon

How to choose the best incense for your heart chakra

When choosing incense for the heart chakra, it is important to consider a few factors.


Lavender and rose are two of the most popular scents used to open up this chakra. For those with allergies or sensitive skin, look for natural, essential oil-based products that contain no artificial fragrances or dyes. 


The scent of any incense should also be considered when selecting one for the heart chakra. Complex scents like lavender and rose can provide an effect of inner joyfulness while sharp and vibrant notes like frankincense and jasmine can help to stimulate the energy around the heart chakra.

Smoke Level

Some incense has very strong scents and creates a lot of smoke which may not be suitable if you are concerned about allergies or sensitivities. 


Select an incense with a burning time that fits the duration of your practice. Some people prefer a shorter burning time, but others will want something more intense and lasting, so choose accordingly.


Make sure to purchase from a trusted source and read reviews if possible. The quality of the product is essential in creating the desired effect on your chakra energy. 


Last but not least, consider how much you are willing to spend on the incense you want to use. Set yourself a budget and shop around until you find something that fits within it, you can find a suitable incense without breaking the bank. 

By taking into account these criteria when selecting an incense for your heart chakra, you will be able to make an informed decision that best suits you and your needs. 


It’s time to reach out to the depths of our heart chakra, with Lavender, Rose, Frankincense, and Jasmine incense as your guide. When used in combination with visualization or meditation practices, it can create a relaxation experience that has long-term effects on physical and emotional well-being. Simply take some time to clear your space and light an incense stick as you allow your heart to connect deeply to its core. A variety of scents can help you find the perfect balance to better understand yourself and how best to support yourself through life’s ups and downs. Hopefully, with the detailed review we provided above, you can make an informed decision and choose the right product for you.

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