The popularity of incense has surged in recent years, with people using it to create a relaxing and aromatic environment. Despite its popularity, incense is notorious for being difficult to keep lit. If you've ever tried to enjoy the aromatic benefits of incense, only to have it go out time and again, you know how frustrating this can be.

But don't give up just yet! There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success. In this blog post, we'll explore some reasons why incense may not stay lit, and provide tips on how to make it burn more effectively. Read on to learn more!

1. Why incense won't stay lit

I bet you're wondering why your incense sticks always go out when they should be lit. Well, there are many reasons for this! Here's a list of the five most common ones - let’s explore them together and see what we can do.

1.1. The incense is not made of pure material

When you try to light incense, it often doesn't stay lit for very long. This is because the material that incense is made of is not pure. It's usually a combination of charcoal, sawdust, and other materials. These materials don't burn as easily as pure charcoal, so the incense doesn't stay lit for very long. Make sure you're using good-quality incense. Cheap incense is more likely to extinguish itself than higher-quality incense.

Some poor quality ingredients can cause incense sticks to not burn.

Some poor quality ingredients can cause incense sticks to not burn.

1.2. It is not packed properly

When you light incense, the idea is for it to smolder and release its fragrance into the air. However, if the incense is not packed properly, it will not stay lit for very long. This is because the flames need oxygen in order to continue burning, and if the incense is too tightly packed together, there isn't enough air getting to the fire.

If you make your own incense at home, be sure to pack them in moderation so that there is plenty of air to circulate around the embers. You'll be able to enjoy your fragrant scent for longer!

1.3. It is not enough oxygen getting to burn

One of the main reasons why incense won't stay lit is because there isn't enough oxygen getting to the burning ember. If you're using a charcoal disc to burn your incense, make sure that the holes in the disc are not blocked. This will allow oxygen to flow and keep the ember lit.

Another reason could be that the incense holder is blocking some of the airflow, which is necessary for keeping the Incense lit. Make sure that the holder isn't blocking any of the holes and that there's plenty of space for the smoke to travel up through.

Besides, the cause may be due to is that the ashes are smothering the ember. When this happens, simply brush away the ashes so that the ember can breathe.

If the incense stick is not supplied with enough oxygen, it may not burn.

If the incense stick is not supplied with enough oxygen, it may not burn.

1.4. It can be damp or moldy

One possible reason why your incense won't stay lit is that it's too damp. Incense needs to be dry in order to burn properly, so if it's even slightly damp, it may not stay lit. If this is the case, let it sit out in the open air for a while to dry out before trying to light it again.

Another possibility is that your incense is moldy. Even if you can't see any mold, it could still be present and cause your incense to extinguish itself.

The best way to fix either of these problems is to store your incense in a dry place and to make sure that it's not exposed to any moisture.

You can read the article: instructions for storing incense properly for detailed instructions!

Besides, the use of damp and musty incense can cause unpleasant odors and adversely affect your health. Read the article: Why does my incense smell like smoke for details.

A damp or moldy incense stick can also prevent it from burning.

A damp or moldy incense stick can also prevent it from burning.

1.5. You did not burn the incense properly

Finally, the final cause may be your way of burning incense. The incense stick hasn't actually burned yet and this will cause it to go out after a while.  If that's the case, make sure that the incense stick is lit evenly all the way around, and that the flame is directly touching the stick. Make sure your incense sticks are completely burned out before you plug in the burner.

You can read the article: Instructions for using incense to learn more!

roubleshooting Incense That Will Not Burn

2. Incense won't stay lit spiritual meaning

Incense is often used in religious ceremonies and to create a relaxing atmosphere. However, the inability of your incense stick to burn may have some spiritual meaning.

If your incense won't stay lit, it could mean that you are not fully present at the moment. You may be too distracted by your thoughts or emotions to focus on the task at hand. Alternatively, this could be a sign that you are not properly grounded. Make sure to take some deep breaths and focus on your intention before relighting your incense.

Besides, we also cannot rule out the causes caused by the incense itself, it might mean that the incense isn't good quality. Make sure you buy incense from a reputable source so that you can be sure you're getting good quality products. Additionally, make sure you use an appropriate holder for your incense. A holder will help to keep the incense upright, which will help it to stay lit. Finally, make sure you allow the incense to burn for long enough to create a strong flame. If it's not burning well, it might go out and not stay lit.

Incense don't stay lit can have some spiritual meaning - that can be up to you.

Incense don't stay lit can have some spiritual meaning - that can be up to you.


So what can you do to make sure your incense burns properly and doesn't end up going out? Well, the easiest solution is to buy incense that is made of pure, quality materials. Make sure the incense is tightly packed so there isn't too much air between the individual sticks. And finally, be sure to light it correctly by holding a lit match or lighter at the tip until the flame catches. Once it's burning steadily, you can put it in an appropriate holder and enjoy the aroma. Have you had trouble getting your incense to stay lit? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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