Hey everyone! If you're lucky enough to have a Rosemary plant growing outside your home, consider yourself doubly blessed. Not only does it look beautiful, but you can do so much with it. I find that burning rosemary is one of the most effective ways to purify my home and aura. This ritual has helped me to create sacred space in my home, clear out negative energy, and even protect myself from harm. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to perform this special ritual with step-by-step instructions. From selecting high-quality herbs to knowing when it’s time to put out the flame - let's get started!

Rosemary is popular for its ability to purify and protect against negative energy. The herb is associated with the Virgin Mary and is believed to provide a spiritual shield from evil spirits. It can be used in spells for love, money, health, and protection, as it helps to cleanse any negative emotions or energies that may be lingering around an individual or space. Burning rosemary helps to fill the area with its energizing scent while warding off bad vibes. Rosemary leaves can also be put into mojo bags or carried on one's person for added protection. In addition, rosemary is seen as a source of good luck and positive energy, making it an especially appealing herb to use when seeking protection from negative influences. This is why it's commonly used in smudging ceremonies and other rituals to cleanse a space of any bad vibes.

3 Ways to Burn Rosemary for Cleansing 

Method 1: Burning Rosemary Alone


  • 1 sprig of fresh or dried rosemary
  • 1 lighter


Step 1: Use a match or lighter to burn one end of the rosemary leaf until the flame burns brightly. You can hold it directly in your hand or put it in a bowl for easy portability.

Step 2: Move the rosemary smoke around every nook and cranny of your home where you want to purge negative energy.

Step 3: While burning rosemary, you can chant any spell you want, such as "Wipe out all evil spirits around me and immediately remove bad energy in this space." Read whatever you want, but it needs to come from your heart.

Step 4: The end the ritual, put out the rosemary leaves and ashes into a bowl of water or soil. Make sure it is completely out before discarding them in a safe place.

Step 5: Finally, visualize yourself surrounded by white light and allow its love and protection to fill the room. After that, you can say words of gratitude for the ritual done. Enjoy this ritual and make it part of your regular routine to ensure positive energy is always around you.

Method 2: Burning Rosemary Combined with Cinnamon 

Cinnamon and rosemary are often used together to smudge one's mind because they both have properties that can help clear away unwelcome energies. Cinnamon is a stimulating herb that helps banish bad vibes, while rosemary works as an uplifting agent, bringing in good energy. Together, the two herbs create a powerful cleansing combination that helps rid the body of any negative thoughts or emotions. This recipe is especially suitable for those who want to cleanse their minds.


  • Matches or candle 
  • Abalone shell or heat-proof bowl ( stone or porcelain bowl) 
  • 1 piece of charcoal 


  • 15g dried rosemary leaves (1 cup) 
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder 


  • Step 1: Place the abalone shell or bowl in a safe area away from flammable materials.
  • Step 2: Place 1 piece of charcoal on the abalone shell or bowl and light it with matches (or candles). I usually use candles because it is more convenient.
  • Step 3: When the charcoal has been lit, sprinkle the dried rosemary leaves and cinnamon powder onto it. 
  • Step 4: Allow it to burn until you see smoke emanating from the herbs, then blow out any remaining flame as soon as possible so that only smoke is produced by the smudge stick. 
  • Step 5: Wave your hands over the smoke to spread it around and cleanse your space with its cleansing qualities. Don't forget to say a spell (e.g., "Remove all negativity and bad energy around me.")
  • Step 6: When finished, extinguish all burning material in a basin of sand or salt. Make sure that all flames have been completely extinguished before discarding the materials. 
  • Step 7: Dispose of any remaining ashes by burying them in the ground or placing them on your outdoor plants. 

Method 3: Burning Rosemary Combined With Cloves 

Burning rosemary and cloves is an important ritual for bringing positive energy into a new home. It helps to remove lingering negative energies, making way for good luck and improved vibes. Not only does it create a fragrant aroma in the house, but also provides a sense of protection against possible misfortune. Make sure to do this when you first move into your space to ensure a pleasant atmosphere that will carry on through your time living there. 


  • Matches or candle 
  • Abalone shell or heat-proof bowl ( stone or porcelain bowl) 
  • 1 piece of charcoal 


  • 1/2 cup dried rosemary leaves 
  • 1/2 cup cloves 


  • Step 1. Place the abalone shell or heat-proof bowl in an area with good ventilation. 
  • Step 2. Light the charcoal using a match or candle and place it inside the abalone shell or heat-proof bowl. 
  • Step 3. Once the charcoal is lit, add 1/2 cup of rosemary leaves to the bowl and allow them to burn for 1 minute before adding 1/2 cup of cloves to the mix. 
  • Step 4. Visualize your intention for the cleansing while slowly spreading the smoke around your space from floor to ceiling. Say out loud something like “I smudge this area with love and light” or “I release all negative energy with love.” "I cleanse this space of all negative energies, so that only positive forces may enter into it."
  • Step 5. When you are done, extinguish any remaining embers with water. 

Now you know how to burn rosemary for smudging and can use this technique to bring cleansing energy into your space. Enjoy!

Tips for using rosemary for cleansing in purification rituals

  • Have hot coal in the bowl for even burning of herbs.
  • Using dried rosemary is best because it will burn more easily than fresh rosemary, but you can use either depending on your preference. I usually like to burn dried rosemary.
  • Start with a small amount of herbs in the bowl and then gradually add more if needed for a stronger aroma.
  • Move around the smoke with your hand or a feather in order to spread it out over your space for cleansing purposes.
  • When you are finished, make sure to completely extinguish all embers and ashes before disposing them.

When should you smudge with rosemary?

Rosemary has long been known to be a powerful tool for clearing away negative energy. You should smudge when you encounter the following cases:

When you move to a new home

Smudging with this herb is a great way to create positive energy and ward off any negative vibes. It’s also believed that it can help bring good luck and blessings to the home. It helps to release and purify any residual energies that may linger from past inhabitants.

When you're feeling upset, 

This herb can be used as an emotional cleanser for both physical and spiritual healing. The herb's invigorating scent is said to uplift your mood. It can also be used when you are feeling down or upset, as the herb's calming properties will bring in positive vibes and help lift your spirits.

To make room for new beginnings.

Smudging with rosemary is also effective when you're trying to make room for something new in your life; whether it's a relationship, career change or spiritual awakening, inviting this herb's healing energies into your space is a great way to start fresh and create an empowering atmosphere.

If you find yourself having bad luck

Cleansing your space or body of these energies, it’s believed to bring about a sense of protection and create an atmosphere where fortunate circumstances can occur. This is why many people turn to this herb as they seek out guidance in times of uncertainty or need.

Best Time to Burn Rosemary For Cleansing

Loban is considered to be sacred and powerful incense, so it should only be burned according to certain rituals. The best time to burn loban is during the day, as this allows the power of the sun’s rays to amplify its effects. It should also be burned in an area that has good air circulation, such as near an open window. For maximum benefit, it should be burned on a Friday because this day is associated with Venus and are especially beneficial for spiritual purification, and protection.


Burning rosemary for cleansing can be an incredibly effective and helpful ritual if done properly. It has the potential to create a peaceful, pleasant ambiance in any space in just minutes. As long as you adhere to simple safety precautions such as never leaving the fire unattended, it can be a great way of ridding the energy of your home or workspace of negative vibes and replacing them with new and positive ones.  Whether you choose to burn rosemary alone, combined with cinnamon, or with cloves, the possibilities are endless and there is sure to be a recipe that suits your needs – the ultimate goal is meant for each individual to find clarity, spirituality, and relaxation.

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