Today has a mini DIY for those of you who have loose incense, for example, the incense in tins (there's also cone incense, stick incense [the most popular form], pea-ball incense, etc.)

  • Don't have access to charcoal tablets (these are charcoal tablets), which easily burns loose incense for you without you having to relight the herbs directly over and over again.
  • Don't want to use charcoal tablets because they're too smoky or you just don't want to.

For those of you choosing B - when using tablets, do you ever find yourself wishing you would get the scent of the incense in and around your space but not all the smoke that comes with it? If so- this is the DIY for you.


You're going to need three things to make your own loose incense burner:

  • A bowl deep enough to hold a tealight with enough room (about 2-3 in. or more) between the flame and the top of the bowl.
  • A piece of foil long enough to reach either side of the bowl.
  • A tealight.
  • Plus your incense, obviously.
Supplies need to be prepared

Supplies need to be prepared

3 Steps To Make Loose incense Burner

Step 1:

Begin by folding the aluminum long way and stretching it across the top of the bowl (image: left) until the top ends reach the edge. Fold in the foil against the bowl to form it and shape it to fit the bowl nicely and snugly.

Step 2:

Remove the foil and place the tealight in the bowl, light it and place the foil back on top of the bowl.

Step 3:

Wait 30 - 60 seconds for the aluminum to get warm, then sprinkle your loose incense on top of the foil, and literally within seconds, you'll be enveloped in its scent! Because I feel this method makes the scent a lot more potent than charcoal tablets IMO.

Put foil on top of bowl

Put foil on top of bowl

The foil folded across the bowl with the tealight on.

The foil folded across the bowl with the tealight on.

Sprinkling some of my Ostara incense on the foil.

Sprinkling some of my Ostara incense on the foil.

Mm melted resin, no smoke!

Mm melted resin, no smoke!

I would recommend you definitely popping open a window and making sure the bowl is at least two feet from you.

The neat part about this DIY and using this method as opposed to using charcoal tablets is that it's practically smokeless! You get small, what I like to call: wisps of the incense but nothing close to what tablets produce nor what even standard incense sticks produce. You get all of the scent and none of the smoke.

The bottom image is the incense I had been burning for about five minutes, the resin has melted but as you can see from the image - no smoke!

So there you have it! Now there's no excuse not to indulge in some delicious loose incense that you wish you could use but didn't because of your lack of tablets. Good news: ya don't need 'em!

Blessings and love.

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